*Spectrum Saliva PCR COVID-19 Collection Kit

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  • Minimum Order Quantity, 1 Case (360 tests)
  • This is a specimen collection kit to be used in conjunction with an authorized laboratory and not an at home Rapid (Antigen) Test kit. 
  • Health Canada Approved with CE Mark
  • Device EUA Authorization (EUA202432)
  • Only pain-free biosample collection option for COVID-19 testing
  • Engineered to reduce self-collection error
  • 100% inactivation of the live virus
  • Single device preserves both DNA and fragile viral RNA transcripts
  • Price per test, $14 CAD (this does not include the lab processing fee or logistics)
  • Volume based pricing options available (Please contact one of our advisors) 

Carrie Greenbaum, Account Executive at carrie@rxbio.co or call +1 (416) 624-4457

Paola Jiménez, Product Manager & Global Sales Executive at paola@rxbio.co or call +1(647) 242-5869