Spectrum Saliva PCR COVID-19 Collection Kit

SDNA-2000 and 3000 Device

Authorized by Health Canada with CE Mark

First FDA EUA authorized saliva collection device for direct-to-patient-at-home-sample-self-collection COVID-19 testing

This is a specimen collection kit to be used in conjunction with an authorized laboratory and is not a Rapid (Antigen) test Kit.

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The Spectrum Saliva Collection Kit is the official test used by the Major League Baseball Players. 


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  • Single device for DNA/viral RNA biosample collection, transportation, & storage

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  • Tube compatible with automated platforms & customizable for incremental efficiency improvements
  • Qualified commercial RNA extraction chemistries include Perkin Elmer, Thermo Fisher, Roche, Qiagen, & more

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  • Intuitive 3-step design, proven to reduce customer collection errors

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  • Post collection stability at room temperature for one year. Shelf life 24-months at room temperature for DNA

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  • System maintains biosample consistency. Significantly reduces costs associated with sample failures & recollection

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  • Standard mail at ambient temperatures. In device viral neutralization delivers shipping clearance with no biohazard UN3373 designation

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  • Innovative, patented chemistry that preserves & protects both DNA/viral RNA transcripts, manages bacteria and mitigates any risk of infection throughout the testing process



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